Frequently asked questions

BATCOS is a registered and legally protected trademark of Regioplan EOOD, Bulgaria.

BATCOS is formed by the first letters of the following “Bioplastic Applied Technologies Composite Outdoor Systems”.

The production of wood-polymer composite flooring BATCOS belongs to the innovative business of bioplastics. These products have wide applications in modern construction and exterior design. They are also used in mechanical engineering and instrument making. They are a highly stable mix (composite) of polymers (polyethylenes and their derivatives) and bio-filler (wood fibers, cellulose, natural fibers). There are many forms of biocomposites with different characteristics and qualities.

BATCOS wood-polymer composite products comply with the current harmonized technical standard BDS EN 15534-1: 2014 + A1: 2017 and BDS EN15534-4 (flooring).

Wood-polymer composite materials are neither plastic nor wood. According to the standard BDS EN15534-1, are a separate group of products that combine the strengths of polymers (moisture resistance, high durability, resistance to mold and mildew, resistance to sunlight, etc.) and the beauty of wood.

The share of wood fibers varies in different products of wood-polymer composite materials depending on their application. In BATCOS decking products they reach up to 70%, which gives them a beautiful woody look.

Decking (flooring), siding (facade cladding), fences, packaging, and many others are produced from wood-polymer composite materials.

Only beech (Fagus sylvatica and Fagus orientalis) is used in the production of wood-polymer composite decking BATCOS. This type of beech wood is very hard, durable, and beautiful. This gives our products the natural beauty, color, texture, and strength typical of beech.

The installation of BATCOS decking is light and intuitive. The decking is mounted with stainless steel clips and screws developed for BATCOS decking. We also produce a backing profile from the same composite material so that you have a 100% quality guarantee. You can get more information on the page HOW TO INSTALL.

You just need to write a request for a quote to

In order for the offer to be valid, you must provide the following data:

  1. Size of decking space (width and length)?
  2. Are there stairs?
  3. What is the existing pavement – soil, concrete or other?
  4. Will the decking be freestanding or attached to a building?

For additional information, see the HOW TO INSTALL page.