BATCOS Philosophy
The power to do business in the right way

BATCOS is a Bulgarian brand for production, marketing and sales of bioplastic composite materials. We produce products that change the look and quality of outdoor spaces and meet the highest requirements for composite materials with their own mounting system.

BATCOS - the beauty of nature and the power of science!

Our values are:

  • Attention to the details;
  • Customer care;
  • Economy of investments.
This brings us satisfaction, a wonderful basis to realize your dreams.

Personal contact

BATCOS attaches special value to direct contact with the customer. We offer solutions for your individual exterior needs and inspirations. BATCOS is a partner you can always count on.

Our word is our bond – and it pays

BATCOS is a company run by its owners, whose word is our commitment - from production to marketing and sales. We make our decisions quickly and independently to meet your needs.

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BATCOS philosophy

BATCOS is a brand you can trust. We insist on direct contact with the customer. We offer solutions for individual exterior projects.

Composite material

Does not require sanding, impregnation, painting, varnishing. Available in a wide range of colors and textures. Safe surface for bare feet: no chips and clumps, good slip resistance, even when wet;

BATCOS Green technology

BATCOS products are durable exterior solutions that take the beauty of beech wood to a new higher level. The production process is 100% controlled and guarantees constant quality. We do not dispose of waste, we do not pollute the environment, we capture carbon emissions.