Easy outdoor living 

"Decked spaces are the heart of your home"

Outdoor life deserves the best coziness and comfort.

BATCOS composite decking is the perfect choice for outdoor spaces.

On the terrace, around the pool, in the garden or in the yard, the decking of BATCOS will provide you with style, inspiration and comfort.

The beauty of natural wood in a new product

"Enjoy nature, but in a new form"

BATCOS composite decking has the beauty of natural wood.

Our technology gives you the vision of the tree, but with new protective forces.

Choose the right BATCOS product for you with the desired texture in combination with one or more colors from our range and turn the outdoor space into a cozy corner in the urban environment.

So easy to maintain

"Magnificence is not necessarily complicated"

BATCOS gives you the full aesthetics of wood, but without the time-consuming, expensive, and constant maintenance.

Our technology offers high protection that protects the decking from mold, moisture, deformation, or discoloration.

Just wash with a mop or water jet and that's it.

No more thorns in children's bare feet.

Decking BATCOS is not installed with exposed screws or nails, everything is hidden and safe.

Invest in sustainable solutions and enjoy the durable and beautiful BATCOS flooring on your terrace, pool, garden or yard.

Protect environment and health

"Go green, stay green"! We are a green business - a circular economy!

BATCOS composite decking is made of natural and non-toxic materials with care for nature and your health.

The maintenance of decking flooring is safe for nature and human health and includes cleaning with water and standard sanitary materials.

BATCOS technology is completely waste-free and allows complete recycling of decking even after many years.

We are a green business of the circular economy.

  • BATCOS uses wood in the form of fiber, obtained by sanitary felling, which is used in high-quality composite products. This reduces the number of fine dust particles in the air as well as carbon emissions
  • BATCOS composite decking is 100% recyclable. At the end of their useful life, they are not deposited and do not pollute the environment. Even if maliciously disposed of, they have no emissions from soil, water and air.
  • BATCOS includes polymers and their derivative additives in products that have a useful life of at least 15 years. This reduces the number of disposable polymers and prevents environmental pollution by landfilling.